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Blue Ribbon Organization

At every turn more and more land is being closed to nature loving off-roaders like ourselves. Under the guise of being "green" groups are taking away land that has been ours to use for centuries. Land that our forefathers fought for. If we just sit around and watch this, waiting for someone else to take up the call, there will be no place for us to hike, mountain bike, camp or do anything else outdoors, let alone take out vehicles. If you are asking yourself "What can I do?", here are a few ideas.

Check out some of the things our club has done by way of clean-ups and by making our voice known in the environmental community:

Plea from SEMA

Letter from Del Albright

Earth Day Clean-up 2004

Access-4-All Program

Are you a MA resident? Read this!

Update on Senate Docket for MA

Adopt-A-Road Program

Earth Day Clean-up #3

Interesting ATV article

2003 Florida Rd. Update

2004 Florida Rd. Update

Florida Rd. Clean-up 2001

Cleanup Run - August 13th, 2000

Who you can to write to:

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